Manage Your Event More Efficiently

Managing check-in at an event can be an overwhelming task for event planners. Will attendees be able to find the check-in table? Will the line be long? Will the computers/tablets work? These are questions that run through our minds before an event, but with these easy tips from the experts, any event you have will run smoothly making your attendees experience a great one!

Get out from behind the table

Most check-in systems today run very similarly. They all consist of a person or people sitting behind a table searching for an attendee’s name through a computer.  Leverage new technology and get out from behind that table! With mobile check-in on phones and tablets, you are not confined to a set space. Move on to your guests quicker and keep them happy!

Solutions person

There is nothing worse then standing in line and being held up by a person who has thousands of questions. By having a solutions person, guests can easily get their questions answered in a separate line. This will allow your line to continue flowing!

Early bird check-in

Give your guests the option to check-in to the event at an earlier date allowing them to bypass the line upon arrival. The option to check- in on the event website or on an app on their mobile devices will keep your guests engaged while also giving you the opportunity to get a feel for how many guests will be in attendance.

Staff to guest ratio

How many staff members should you have at your event?  Usually, guests arrive at an event around the same time and then others trickle in as the night goes on. This understanding helps you gage the approach that is best for your event. On average having 1 staff member for every 50 attendees is a good target to have.


Too often the check-in process is the last thing an event planner worries about. It is very important that the check-in process goes as smoothly as possible. First check to see if your check-in table is in the ideal place with the correct amount of space for your guests to line up comfortably. The day before the event take time to set up and check the computers/tablets you are using for the event to make sure they are up and working properly. Lastly, check to see if your process is easy, efficient, and quick. Work out those kinks!

Community Living’s 16th Annual Legacy Ball

“Community Living, Inc., enriches the lives of people with disabilities so they can achieve their highest potential. They do this by providing children and adults services and programs that allow them to live, learn and work in our community. In turn, they make our community inclusive, diverse and a better place to live.”

This year’s 16th Annual Legacy Ball will be an event to remember! The gala takes place at 5:30 pm on Saturday, March 12, 2016, at the St. Charles Convention Center. Join us as we celebrate  Karen Schneider as the 2016 recipient of Community Living’s Legacy Award winner and Bob Davis as the 2016 recipient of Community Living’s Volunteer of the Year Award winner. Both are being honored for their outstanding contributions to people with disabilities and the community as a whole.

Take part in the auction, enjoy the open bar, music from the Ralph Butler Band, and take pictures at the photo booth to capture all the memories of the night. To make the event go more smoothly we have incorporated valet parking which will prevent parking concerns while allowing you enter the gala without worry of distance or weather. We have also streamlined registration making the process quick with an easy transition. Hope to see you at the 16th Annual Legacy Ball this Saturday.

Thank you again to our Current Sponsors

Diamond Sponsors

— Barnes-Jewish St. Peters & Progress West Hospitals

— St. Charles City-County Library Foundation

— Schneider Asset Management Group

Sapphire Sponsors

— Chuck Gross (paid for by Citizens for Chuck Gross)

Hackmann Lawn & Landscape


For more information, call 636-970-2800.

No Worries…We Do It All!

Many may think we are strictly focused on event planning; however, there is so much more that we do at KJS Events! Here’s a detailed description of the services we offer:

Meeting Management: We’ll act as your central contact for dealing with suppliers including the hotel, transportation/event companies, food and beverage, audio/visual, print, and production.  We’ll key in on your budget and meet all needs to save you countless hours of time and money. You can rest assure that you’re meeting will be a success!

Event Planning: From event of 10 invitees to 1,000 we have over 15 years of experience to provide you with exceptional event planning expertise.  We’ll listen closely to your goals and objectives to create the best style for your event.  Being able to look at it from our client’s perspective is something we strive for.  We have the experience, creativity, and resources to make your vision a reality delivering success one event at a time.Blog 11 Pic 2

Site Selection/Contract Negotiating: We have literally traveled the world, so you don’t have to!  Attending various industry conferences, meetings, and familiarization trips, we can quickly and accurately narrow down your destination selections.  Our team does an excellent job of staying up to date with industry changes, contract rules, and trends.Blog 11 Pic 1

Event Consulting: Need to plan an event but don’t have the budget for a full event planning service this year?  Take advantage of our event consulting service.  For an hourly consulting rate, we’ll help you with: Brainstorming/idea generation, locating venues, developing a logistics plan, troubleshooting, and identifying glitches.  In short, we’ll provide you the consulting to help YOU manage your event.

Blog 11 Pic 3

Corporate Gifts/Promotion Items: We love shopping and finding just the right gift to welcome a new team member or thank a client/employee!  Whatever the reason, our PPAI membership gives us access to over one million items!

All in all, we cover a wide variety of event services! Whether we’re event planning or working with promotional items, we stick to our goal of delivering success.  Visit our website, social media accounts, or give us a call today to learn more about our company.

KJS Events Guide for Gift Giving

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s officially on to what we like to call “shopping season”! Being that today is Black Friday, we thought we’d give you our guide to gift giving for the holidays.  From a close friend or relative, to a random neighbor that shows up unexpectedly with a gift…we are here to help you avoid any awkward situations!Blog 10 Pic 1

  1. Make a list of their personal interests: think back to small clues someone may have mentioned over the year like “If I had ____, this would be a lot easier” or “Wouldn’t a ____ look really good right there?”.  Make a list over the year of these small hints people drop and add it to list of that person’s personal interests.  With this list in hand you’re on your way to giving a great gift!
  2. Add a personal touch: doing this will leave a memory in the person’s mind instead of just simply receiving a gift. Think about experiences you and this person have shared such as: a favorite restaurant, favorite music group, or even a long time joke.  This little glimpse of you when they open the gift will sure to bring a smile to their face. Blog 10 Pic 2
  3. The presentation: we compare the presentation of a present to a first impression.  Once it’s out there, it can’t be re-done! So, take the time to put in the effort and make your gift beautifully wrapped.  You could even keep in mind their personal interest when picking out the wrapping colors and textures.
  4. DIY: never be afraid to go for the DIY gifts if you’re on a budget.  These gifts always have much more meaning.  One thing you should keep in mind is the person you are giving to.  Your mother-in-law may be appreciative of your homemade monogram coasters, but you’re father in law…not so much!Blog 10 Pic 3
  5. Unplanned gift planning: everyone always has that unexpected neighbor, friend, or family member than you didn’t think was going to buy for you, but did! Don’t fret.  Simply stock up on gift cards, bottles of wine, or even your favorite hot chocolate recipe in a crafty mason jar. Always be prepared and everything will go smoothly!

Keeping these five tips in mind will be sure to help you for gift giving this holiday season. For more ideas you can shop our site for thousands of ideas HERE!

Tips for Throwing the Best Surprise Party!

SURPRISE-One simple word that can bring so much joy. Planning a surprise party for someone can be so fun. From the sneekingly preparation to the big reveal there’s tons of excitement that goes into throwing the best surprise party. Not everyone can throw a surprise party so following our tips will be sure to assist!

Choosing the best date: First make sure the surprise-ee is available. Then, find a dependable person to set up plans with your surprise-ee to distract them the day of the event. Once these two factors are figured out it’s time to make the reservation!Blog 9 Pic 2

Inviting: Whichever method you chose to invite the guest, make sure they are clear on the face that it is a surprise party.  Could you imagine all the hard work you’ve done gone to waste because one person ruined the surprise? Make.sure.your.guests.are.informed!

 Theme: Picking the theme should be centered on your surprise-ee.  Is it for a birthday, promotion, or someone from out of town visiting? Depending on the reason for the surprise you should be able to gather a few theme ideas.Blog 9 Pic 3

Day of the event: Make sure all details are worked out with the person who will be bringing the surprise-ee to the party.  Before your surprise-ee walks in for the grand reveal make sure everyone is tucked away in the best hiding places, the lights are off, and everyone is geared with confetti or silly string for the best surprise effect.

The Best Part: Everyone yells “SURPRISE”, your surprise-ee is, well, surprised, and the rest of the night is a blast! Now that everyone isn’t worrying about sneaking around anymore, kick back and enjoy!

If you’re weary about throwing the best surprise party give us a call—we’d love you help plan the best surprise party!