Color Trends

Did you know that it takes up to three years for a color to become “big” in the event industry?  Yep – it’s true!  Color starts with fashion and ends with events!

And even better for those wondering just how we do it, there is a method!

First, you see the color trend in fashion and start wearing it.  Second, you start adding the colors into your home décor and start living it.  Third, you entertain with the color and feature it at celebrations because you are familiar with it.  So when looking at Pantone’s color predictions we should look back from 2009 through 2011 in order to get a sense of what colors will be “hot” for events in 2011.  Take Slate which was one of Pantone’s 2009 colors but was big in the 2010 event scene and is a major color for 2011.

So if you are a trendy, cutting edge type go with the Pantone’s colors for 2011!  If you want to be  current you are safe choosing from Pantone’s 2009 and 2010 color collections.  I personally am a little of each so I like drawing inspiration from all three years!  Either way KJS Events will help you select just the right color for your event.

Pantone Spring 2011

Pantone Spring 2009