Music Mania

For those that know me, they will know this familiar phrase that spills from my lips.  “Look at the big picture.”  People, when selecting music for your event, look at the big picture!!!  I can’t count the number of events I have attended where the music was, well, flat.  Walls vibrate with over played 80’s tunes or the old Madonna’s hits that have hit a wall – at 80 miles an hour. Now I am not saying we need to get the flavor of the week musician.  I’m saying to look at the big picture.  Plan ahead.  Ask yourself a few simple questions like: who is coming to the event, what are the ages, or what is the type of event?

Picking the right music is a pretty important job.  If the music is not good the event will simply fizzle.  KJS Events is lucky to have a plethora of resources to offer just the right music touch for your event.   So before heading to a disaster contact us for more information!