Swag Bag or Trash Bags

So here is the deal guys.  Simple but true.  When you go to an event that heavily promotes  swag bags for the first xxx number of people you are thinking “wow I better get there early to get mine” or “there is a limited number so they must be good.”  Either way – you are looking for some “stuff.”  Right?  Come on people – we all love free stuff!   Lets start at the beginning with a simple definition of “swag bags” and it is “items given away free, typically for promotional purposes, to people attending an event.”  Items is the keyword here.  Items.  Not business flyers.


Putting items in swag bags gives small companies mega-exposure by using this relatively inexpensive  marketing strategy.   That is if the item fits the event.  Promotional items are a way to market your business.  It is a way for you to relative your business with the attendees of a particular event.  Match the theme of the event with your promotional items. KJS Events will help you pick just the right item for your event that is a positive reflection on your business.

A note to those looking to include swag bags at their event.  When the physical bag itself costs more than the items inside, it probably isn’t a good idea to have one.  Go big or don’t go at all is my thought.   Nothing looks worse than giving an empty bag filled with 2 small things and a bunch of paper.  That IS NOT a swag bag.  That is a bag full of  swash!