A Twist to Corporate Meetings

Companies are always trying to think of creative ways to hold meetings and make them exciting for their employees in an effort to keep everyone awake and listening. So, they will hold their corporate meetings at offsite venues that typically offer the same kind of setup. As am employee, when you hear of an offsite corporate meeting you immediately think of ugly name badges, round tables and water glasses with melted ice. These meetings are often costly and not much more productive than holding it on site. KJS Events can make your corporate meeting into a great experience!

As businesses are forced to do more with less and employees are challenged to wear a multitude of hats, corporations are thinking of creative ways to get their message across. These demanding times call for strategic and creative meetings. How about offering team building at a winery? Meetings can be on a beautiful rolling hill under a shade tree instead of a hard uncomfortable chair with poor lighting. More and more non traditional venues are quickly becoming the “in” place to hold meetings. And why not? You can tie in your corporate objectives, rev up the team and have some great personal team building that will make your team more productive when you get back to the office. With literally thousands of promotional items to choose from your meeting will be the talk of the water fountain. KJS Events can arrange transportation to and from your venue, setup your team building, arrange your on site logistics including meals and get just the right corporate promotional item for your employees. Now who says off site meetings have to be boring!