Holiday Events

Question: Would you let an accountant perform a root canal? So why not hire experts plan your next event! Now is the time to start planning for your holiday celebration and there are some things you should know. Whether you have 10 employees or 10,000, acknowledging the holidays is a must. And they are a great way for companies to build morale.
So, what’s out? Fully hosted bars and extravagant menu choices – unless your organization can justify an extremely profitable year both this year and next. That means the vast majority of event planners will roll up their sleeves and design holiday parties that are worthy of the intent without negatively impacting budgets. KJS Events works with companies to plan successful events without negatively impacting budgets.
While full hosted bars are “out,” many companies still like having options. Try some of these alternatives:
– Offer a signature drink
– Limit options to beer and wine, and offering a two drink maximum
– Eliminate alcoholic beverages completely, which also eliminates any potential liability

Trying to create a holiday event that is appropriate for everyone can be tricky. KJS Events has years of experience planning corporate meetings and events and will work with you to create a successful event. Contact us at: or email us at for more information.