Trade Show! Stand out to be a Success!

Did you know KJS Events can help you market your company at tradeshows? With our years of sales and marketing experience, we know how to help get your message across effectively in the short amount of time we have in front of potential clients.

In the growing density of global market it is of vital importance to attract new clients as well as maintain good relationships with your current customers. Organizing or taking part in a trade show is one of the best ways of positioning your company in the market and attracting qualified leads. Especially for the start-up companies this is a great opportunity to show up, yet it is not as easy as it seems. The competition in the marketplace is particularly visualized at such exhibitions, where hundreds of companies are there to struggle for each of the attendees. In this case a company must be well-prepared in order to stand out and draw the crowd to his booth.

Here are some tips for organizing an effective trade show marketing campaign .

1. Booth Design: If you want to capture attendees’ attention make sure you have an interesting booth design, which will reflect your company’s image and impress the customer at a glance.

2. Quality Promotional Items: Most of the attendees are more likely to stop by your exhibit if you have appealing promotional items, which they either can win or get for free. Choosing the right giveaways can better position your brand and enhance greater sales potential.

3. Staffing Strategies: In order to attract qualified leads you should have professional trained staff, who will be able to engage passerbies and answer any questions and sell your product.

4. Professional Attire: Everyone working the show should have on the company issues shirts and same colored bottoms. It is okay to have different styles of shirts, as long as they are the same color. Make sure the shirts are fresh and clean looking. And the logo is updated!!

KJS Events can help with all your tradeshow needs. From staffing to promotional items, we will deliver your message at the show as well as post show follow up.

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