How can You think of a Holiday Party now?

If you have not booked your holiday party venue time may not be your friend. The summer heat and vacation plans make thinking of holiday parties difficult. The reality is that most of the popular venue’s book as much as nine months in advance.

Whether you have a company lunch for 10 people or a large scale event for 500 people, you should consider an event planner. And, lucky for you, I have some reasons for this!

1. Many local venue’s will offer special discounts if you book early. You need an experienced planner that knows the ropes and can get you the best deal possible.
2. Ahh, the dreaded menu’s. What pre-made menu do you select? How about picking and choosing what you want and make your own? If you have someone that understands how the venue’s puts value on certain foods, you can pretty much make your own with little to no price increase.
3. How can you enjoy your company’s event if you are in charge of the details? Many companies have administrative assistants or human resources personnel plan the events to save money. More times than not, details fall through the crack. Even worse, they can’t enjoy the event that is supposed to be for them! Consider hiring a planner to execute the details. So you will save a little money AND let your employee’s enjoy the event. A word of caution, you get what you pay for. Don’t expect the planner that is being paid for executing details and providing on site management to create menu’s and double check the work you already did!

The KJS Events team offers many levels of service that can be tailored for your needs and budget. Contact us for more information before it is too late!