How Do You Give Back To Your Community?

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and hearing about all the devastation and destruction, we were interested in what you do to help out your community during these hard times. Especially with the holiday season beginning it is important to think of those in need and to give back when ever possible. What have you done to give back to your community? Have you ever given blood to the American Red Cross, donated money, or volunteered at a soup kitchen? Are you new to a city and looking for ways to help out your community but aren’t sure which organization is best or which ones help out what cause? It is important for anyone who is interested in volunteering their time and money to RESEARCH the organization holding an event or asking for donations. “But how do you research an organization” and “why shouldn’t we trust an organization that says they are helping the community” might be a few questions you are asking right now. It is important to research any organization you might be donating your money to because not every organization uses your donation to directly help those in need. Checking out an organization’s website is one way to get information but doing outside research is also necessary for your understanding. Review comments or post made about the organization. Do some fact checking on statistics that the organization has posted. Getting a better understanding on the organization helps people gain a greater respect for the cause and it gives the organization more credibility.


Are you interested in creating an event to support your community? We have helped many organizations put together charity events to raise money for their organizations and we can help plan and execute your event to maximize it full potential of success. Contact us via email at or or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

Remember to keep those on the East Coast in your thoughts and prayers. If you are interested in supporting a organization to help those in need after the devastating super storm Sandy check out the Huffington Post article posted here.

Taken from Huffington Post