Green is Good For Business!

            Companies are always looking to cut costs, raise prices and gain benefits and profits all while looking to keep their good reputation and value of their brand and company in tact. One way many companies are looking to create a better reputation this year is to incorporate a “green” or environmentally friendly way of doing business. Whether that means going paperless or replacing their office bathrooms with low flush toilets, companies are putting in all the stops to create a greener work environment.

            I recently came across a few GREEN tips for event planners and companies alike to follow for a more environmentally friendly upcoming event. Although this article was published back in July 2010, many of the tips are still important and relevant to our event planning business or it can be a quick reminder for you and your company.


1. Be Creative
Why not get your staff together to brainstorm promotional and marketing techniques that cut down on flyers and printed advertisements. Produce environmentally responsible marketing materials and signage. Use ambient media instead of flyers where you can communicate with just as many people with less cost and waste.
2. Use Paperless Technology
Use new media and electronic technology to cut down your paper use. Create a conference web site; offer online registration and confirmation; and promote your event online using the web and/or email. It’s environmentally friendly, reduces your administration costs and your workload!
3. Use the Internet and Social Media to Promote Your Event
Reduce waste and use our online invitation tool to invite your guests to your events. Send them reminders and deliver their tickets online. Use Social Media to promote your event. Eliminating paper and using e- invitations will save you money on postage and printing cost as well as reducing the environmental impact of your event.
4. Use Transport Services
Can you organize buses and car-pooling to your gig? How far is the venue from the airport? Is there a shuttle service? Can attendees share taxis? Having your venue in a rural location can mean an overload of traffic and massive traffic pollution…they could book their tickets online but also buy bus tickets online to get to and from the festival: You can build a customized website in minutes and include detail on a whole range of subjects relevant to your event.

{Tips by Event Elephant, July 2010}

            Before finding this article, I was impressed with how many of these tips we actually follow here at KJS Events. We’ve worked with our clients to create organized bus services to and from events. Our clients were impressed with us when we told them we could get a large quantity of lanyards and badges for their events at a cost effective price while also including the eco-friendly factor.


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