I Got Sports On My Mind–>GO BLUES!


          There are many sporting events popping up this time of year. However, just recently, people all around the nation were a little skeptical on whether or not they would be getting to watch one of the greatest winter sports of all time this season. In the end, contracts where written, strikes and lockouts ended and the National Hockey League is finally in full swing. As a native of the St. Louis area, I am sad to say I have only been to 1, yes 1, NHL Blue Hockey game in my life (a mere 23 years of age, mind you). However, now that I am back in the STL area and working here, after 4 years up north for college, (Blackhawk nation) it’s nice to be around fellow STL Blue’s friends and families. This got me to thinking about how I could incorporate Blue’s into my job (Event Planning). Here at KJS Events we are working hard as always to make our clients happy and excited for all their events. When our clients are happy then THEIR employees and clients are happy. Wouldn’t it be nice to treat your fellow Blues fan clients and employees to some great gear or even have them catch a game for all the hard work they do for your company? Tickets are reasonably priced considering the cut in games this season and the Blue’s are playing amazing! They have an away game tonight but next week they have 3 games here in STL.



          Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could go and catch up on all the actions? the STL Blues are 2nd in their Division, 4th in their Conference, and 6th in the league and they’re only going to get better (NHL STL BLUES STATS).


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          Or maybe a better idea, if you’re on a budget, would be just to get Blue’s gear from us! we can get you promotional products, foam fingers, mugs, appeal, anything to create an original look for you and your friends and family that says you a die hard BLUE FAN! Even if you already have the gear and the tickets for your group maybe you need to all go out to eat before? We can set that up for you! We can get great pricing on transportation to and from events to where ever you need to be in the St Louis area. We also have great recommendations on restaurants and bars that will fit any size group you have for events like these.
 So why not have a little fun during this crazy winter sports season and BLEED BLUE!

What sports are you a fan of during this season?

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