Successful Fundraisers

It is important to understand that not all fundraisers will be successful, especially if they are new to your cause or organization. To get people and organizations involved or have a goal that reaches a certain attendance number can be challenging at times. The best way create a successful fundraising event is to use all of your available resources to really get the word out about what exactly your event is and how it will help benefit your organization.


KJS Events is currently managing a team of wonderful parents who are all involved with putting together a Magic Show in April. Our team and these volunteer parents, who are apart of the St. Cletus School PTO here in St. Charles Missouri, are extremely excited to be bringing a brand new fundraising event to the area. The event is called “It’s Magic; Where Dreams Becoming a Reality” put together by a Master Magician and Illusionist known as Terry Richison.


Creating multiple forms of communication is key to reaching everyone interested in our magic show. Sponsors are also being sought out for the event for additional advertising in the playbill, in our local flyers and social media campaigns.


St Cletus School PTO also decided to team up with another local organization, Five Acres Animal Shelter, where proceeds from this event will benefit their mission. The shelter’s mission is to end pet homelessness, promote responsible pet ownership, and advocate for animal welfare. Teaming up with another local organization will help bring more exposure to the magic show, thus raising attendance and funds for the organizations in need. 


We are currently using many different types of media to help promote our Magic Show. Local radio talent will be interviewing Master Magician Terry to promote his show while also share a few of his magic tricks that can be preformed over the radio. While also sending out PSAs and flyers to other local media outlets and creating mail listings to residents around the area. We are also continuing the conversation on Facebook where we can share new information about the animal shelter and the school and even share information about our generous sponsors who will help support our event and organizations.


For more information about “It’s Magic; Where Dreams Become a Reality” feel free to contact us via email ( or visit our Facebook Page (St Cletus School PTO) You can also visit the St. Cletus School Website (CLICK HERE) to view locations, contacts, pricing and sponsorship information.