How to Throw a Green Event, and We’re Not talking About the Color Scheme

ImageOver the last year KJS Events has seen a surge in the number of clients asking for ways to make their next meeting or event more eco-friendly.  Whether it is a full blown green event or just changing a few components of your meeting or event, going green is a great way to show your social responsibility. Here are some tips for throwing a green event that will still impress.

Food & Drink

While it would be ideal to provide your guests with organic food, it can be quite expensive. Even on a tight budget, there are still ways to be eco-friendly. For example, try creating delicacies with locally grown fruit and vegetables while using neighborhood caterers. This way you are supporting the local economy and saving gas emissions. Drinks can also be on of the biggest sources of trash, especially from plastic bottles and aluminum cans. The best way to beat this is by using glass pitchers. If you don’t have enough pitchers, use vases. Vases are easy to rinse and look fabulous!


Obviously, the best place to throw a green party is in the great outdoors. If it is daytime during your event you do not have to worry about lighting, which can create a great deal of pollution. Another advantage of outdoors venues is there versatility, you are not limited by space and your guests can really spread out. Just don’t forget to have a solid back-up plan in case of bad weather. There are also ways to throw an eco-friendly outdoor event at night. Just visit your local hardware store and pick up some rechargeable candles and led light bulbs.


Tableware and utensils are one of the greatest sources of waste at large events. It is often difficult to gather enough reusable disses to cater to a large guest list. There are plenty of stores where you can buy nice dinnerware for relatively cheap. However, it is hard to find enough for the entire party to having matching ware. Luckily, mismatching dishes can look trendy if the styles compliment each other well. If you absolutely have to use plastic, make sure your selection is biodegradable.


Isn’t it great that almost everyone has email nowadays! Thanks to cool websites like Evite and Paperless Post, you can send out your invites without buying any envelope or licking a single stamp. These websites also offer great tools for keeping track of your RSVP’s and attendance figures. If your event is too formal for an email invitation, there are plenty of companies that offer recycled paper as an option. Also, handing out invitations is both thoughtful to both your guests and the environment!

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