Make Memorial Day Memorable

ImageMonday is Memorial Day, which is the day every year we celebrate America’s soldiers that gave the ultimate sacrifice. It is also the day we celebrate less important feats, such as unofficial beginning of summer and swimming pools opening. Memorial Day offers a great excuse for hosting an event for your family and friends. However, your Memorial Day celebration can be so much more than a boring bar-b-que or picnic.

Hotdogs and hamburgers are typical menu items for any Memorial Day bash, but you there’s always room to add some stars to your menu. For example, try bar-b-queuing pork chops or chicken to impress your guests. This method can also be applied to the drink menu. There are plenty of fantastic recipes for red, white and blue beverage floating around the web. Just like this Gin and Pomegranate cocktail from Love Bird Vintage.  

Memorial Day doesn’t have to be just siting around and eating. Try planning some activities and games for your guests to keep them entertained. This is why it’s great to host your party in a big open venue, this way you can easily start a game of volleyball of whiffle ball with ease. You can also plan smaller scale games, such as beanbag toss, ladder ball or lawn bowling.    

Finally, there are plenty of ways to decorate besides cheesy, plastic patriotic décor. You don’t need an explosion of red, white and blue to honor or nations. Try a simple white tablecloth and decorate it with red and blue accents. In addition, if your food is colorful it cuts down on the decorating you need to do.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog post. Feel free to share with us your favorite Memorial Day memories!