Brainstorm Like a Boss!

Sometimes the hardest part of planning an event can be brainstorming ideas for themes, entertainment and other ways to make sure guests have a blast. It is so easy to get off track and end up going with an idea that won’t impress anybody. There are a few simple steps you can take to make sure your team comes up with creative and innovative ideas.

ImageThe brainstorming process takes time; waiting until the last minute can often lead to unimpressive results. It’s best to have your initial brainstorming session days, or even weeks before your deadline. This way you can have some time to sit back and evaluate your original list in more detail. Sometimes the best ideas can pop in your mind when you’re not even thinking about it.  

Also, during brainstorming sessions you should write every idea down, even the ones that seem silly at first. There are few truly bad ideas, and some seemingly bad ideas can turn out to be great with a little fine-tuning. Never write anything off immediately, take a few minutes to talk it out and see if there’s a viable way it could work. Listening to all ideas also helps build a great team. People can get easily offended if their ideas are written off for no solid reason. When critiquing other’s ideas, always think offer a strategic reason why you don’t think it works.

Finally, once you come up with your final few ideas, take time to evaluate each one and see if it can be taken to the next level. Even if the first idea you come up seems like a winner, chances are it’s the same idea many other organizations are coming up with. You should take that idea and tweak it or expand it to make your group stand out in people’s minds.

 Here at KJS Events, were pretty experienced in the art of brainstorming, but we’re always open to new ideas. Fell free to utilize the comment section and tell us what your favorite tricks are for coming up with creative ideas.