Hit a Home Run By Throwing a Baseball Themed Bash

ImageThe 2013 MLB season is now in full swing and it’s a great time to throw a baseball themed party for your employees, friends or relatives. America’s pastime serves as a simple theme that is sure to please everyone, even non-sports fans. KJS Events would like to offer you a few tips and tricks for hitting a home run with your baseball themed party, including menu options, décor and entertainment.

MENU: It’s not hard to throw together a buffet fit for an MVP. First, no baseball party is complete without hot dogs and hamburgers. Try wrapping the hot dogs in croissants or pretzel bread to add a gourmet factor to the main dish. There is also a plethora of appetizers and desserts you can serve to recreate the ballpark’s menu. Cake pops and sugar cookies make the perfect dessert; mostly due to their shape. Just add a little white and red icing and your guests will be doing more than playing baseball, they’ll be eating one. Appetizers are also easy to take care of. Just set out some bowls of cracker jacks, popcorn and peanuts. These cute batting helmet bowls are perfect for serving appetizers.

DECOR: There are many options for baseball accessories at the local party supply store. However, to create an authentic experience you need grass (or fake grass). This can be recreated by purchasing grass mats at online party suppliers for only a couple bucks. Grass also makes the perfect centerpiece. Just find a cute container, plant some grass and your party will look and smell authentic.

ENTERTAINMENT: Obviously, no party is complete without entertainment. For an indoor event, the best option for entertainment is watching an actual game. Try projecting the game on the wall so everyone can see and set up the chairs stadium style. If the party is outside, try playing a group game of whiffle ball. This is a fun way for guests to bond and burn off all the calories from their ballpark food. If there is no time/room for a full game, try just having a home run derby. You can create you own fence and see which guests can blast the most whiffle balls out of the ballpark. 

These are just a few ideas to help you throw a perfect baseball bash. Do you have any creative suggestions we should add to this list?