Secrets to Keeping Guests Cool

ImageToday is officially the first day of summer, and its guaranteed to be another hot one in St. Louis!  Summer is a great time to host events, but this can be a tricky (or should we say sweaty) situation at outdoor venues. KJS Events has some great tips on how to keep your guests cool this summer.

First, the easiest and most common cooling method is a fan.  Better yet, a paper fan. Not only will fans keep guests cool, they also serve as a great marketing tool or enhancement to your party theme. Just splash your logo or decoration on the fans and your guests will be reminded of your event or business every time they feel over-heated. If you want to do something more creative, try creating personalized spritz bottles or damp towels.  With literally over 100,000 products at our disposal, KJS Events can help you find the perfect cooling tool!

Have you thought about renting a misting machine?  It is not as hard or expensive as you may think! 

Finally, food and drink selection is the key to keeping everyone comfortable. If you are not near a fridge, be prepared to have plenty of ice to keep everything cool!  Try adding a snow cone stand, or hire an ice cream truck to your event. Think about getting some cups, mugs or glasses outfitted with your company or event theme and use them for a creative signature drink!  Contact us for our “customer favorites” list of summer items!

KJS Events wishes you a safe, memorable, and fun summer!