Food for Thought: Using Off-Premise Caterers

The beauty of meeting and event planning is that they can take place anywhere.  Literally, anywhere.  From a traditional meeting room to a company parking lot, if you can dream it, we can build it!

No matter where you think you may want to have it, you must keep your audience in mind.  You need to understand who your guests / attendees are.  Are they traditiona?  Meaning, would they like something outside of the traditional meeting room?

Having a meeting outside of a venue with traditional kitchen facilities is challenging.  Hopefully, you have sourced a professional planner to guide you through the process.   Some caterers are better for smaller, more intimate groups.  Others are geared for huge special events.  Then you have caterers that specialize in creating one of a kind menu for medium size events.  So who do you choose?

The next crucial component is to figure out what rentals you need and what is included in the cost of catering.  Some caters are full service.  Meaning, they own all of the serving dishes, chafing dishes, etc. for the event.  Others require you to pay for them to rent.  This can add big dollars to your food cost so be sure to ask first.  Whether they own or require you to rent equipment should not make or break your decision.  However, their charges for these items could!  Again, this can all be negotiated by your event planner.

So many logistics are involved with using off site caterers we couldn’t possibly put it all into one article!

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