Top Trend for 2013 Focus’ on Food


The company holiday party is back—and while it may be less lavish than before the recession, it’s become more thoughtful and employee-focused.

When it comes to divvying up the budget, food is undeniably a priority at holiday parties—and it better be good. Over 60 percent of companies spent more than $25 on food and drink per employee. Thanks in part to TV programming, people are more educated about food and therefore more aware of what they’re eating. Translation: A generic, one-size-fits-all banquet won’t cut it. “I expect that this year we’ll see an even bigger demand for food to be taken to the next level,” says Kate Santellano, owner of KJS Events, Inc.

But that doesn’t mean guests want caviar and filet mignon—rather, they’re expecting event organizers to work one-on-one with chefs to develop a custom menu that emphasizes on taking traditional favorites and adding a unique twist. Having an experienced event planner can help guide you through the heavy food and beverage minimums venue’s place on your event, select a great menu for your budget and coordinate all the other logistics involved with planning an event, no matter the size.

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