Happy people are productive people

Employees are the heart of any business. Disgruntled or apathetic employees can suck the energy out of the sales transaction they perform. On the other hand, engaged employees pass on their enthusiasm to customers. In fact, customers are more likely to become engaged if they are served by passionate employees. In other words, Engaged Employees are a boost to any business’ bottom line. Yet most office environments inspire apathy, not excitement.

Events are a GREAT way to show appreciation and engage your team.  Regardless of your budget, your team WILL appreciate the thought and effort.

Here are some great ideas to get you started:

* Plan a surprise achievement recognition event.  Company milestones, achievements or awards are great reasons to celebrate.  Often times staff members are not aware of the importance of the fruits of their labor.  Let them know with a surprise breakfast, lunch or sweet treat!

* Initiate a “Founders Day” celebration.  Bring out the tents and bbq grills!  A simple lunch with a twist is a great statement yet won’t break the bank.  Having a bbq theme keeps it unique (nobody wants to be thanked by lunch meat!!), inexpensive and can cover a variety of food to make everyone happy.

* Celebrate “monthly” birthdays one day a month.  Each month you can arrange to have different sweets and treats brought in for the employee’s with birthdays.  Perhaps a small cookie basket or even a coupon to a chain ice cream shop.

* Have an internal “rewards catalog” where employees can pick something for their birthday and work anniversaries.  You can set up different tiers to keeps costs down.  For example, you can have 5 items to pick from for birthdays, each under $10.

These are just a few simple ways to bring events into your workplace.  Summer is a great time to get started!