Put the Stress on Us

Everyone has work stress. We may or may not like it, but there it is. Just like taxes, we can count on having some stress at work. Some jobs are more stressful than others. Coming in behind enlisted military personnel, military general’s, firefighters, and pilots, event coordinators rounded out the Top 5 Most Stressful jobs as reported by Forbes Magazine.

Meeting and event planning is more than just throwing a party or renting a meeting room. It’s all in the details. You have to consider the invitations, menu, entertainment, decor, video, lighting, photography, and the list goes on.  Meeting and event planners have tight deadlines and ultimately are responsible for the overall event.

Now you know how vital of a role we play, why not take the stress off yourself and let us plan your next meeting or event!

Thinking about a warm summer themed event? We have you covered! Maybe an elegant business lunch? An employee picnic? Don’t worry we know just the right vendors and style!

At KJS Events we have over fifteen years of meeting and event planning experience. We carefully listen to your vision and expectations, and execute precisely as you envision.

Each event we throw is unique with the KJS touch. For your next meeting or event think of us and avoid the stress! Contact Kate Santellano for more information at (314) 249-2454