Tips for making your next outdoor event a success

Nature is the perfect setting for your next informal or formal event. It provides a natural decor with robust trees and beautiful flowers. All you need is a few tips to make your outdoor event perfect.

The Prep Work

To ensure your event will go off without a hitch, proper planning is required. Go out and visit multiple locations in search of the right feel, essential amenities, and proper amount of space. Or take the stress off yourself and let the experts do it for you! KJS Events will do the site selection for you and include a “venue summary” that will make you feel as though you visited it yourself! Take lots of pictures so you can remember the layout and not have any last minute surprises. Secure your location and check to see if permits are required for things like fireworks, music, or on-site structures. Don’t let a lack of preparation ruin your event!

Into The Wild

Mother Nature tends not to behave when we need her to the most, so for an outdoor event you need to plan for a backup location. You will want to keep a close eye on the weather in the days leading up to the event to further prepare for any last minute weather changes. Regardless of the weather, a tent or an indoor location close by the event should be secured in case of inclement weather. All structures, tents, tablecloths and anything else “loose” should be secured not only for safety, but for windy conditions too. Food covers keep out those pesky insects so have plenty on hand. Power generators are a great idea if you have any type of power at your event (think bands, presentations, lighting, fans, etc.)

Supply Comfort

Outdoor events provide a distinct atmosphere for the guests as wFolding Fansell as distinct obstacles. Your guests’ comfort should come first! You may need to provide fans and cooling stations along with cold water for those sticky St. Louis summers. Better yet, provide guests with a custom designed folding fan! (Nobody needs to know they cost less than $1 each).


Add pillows to an area to dress it up and make it cozy. Here is a picture from our travels to Aruba where pillows created a beautiful seating area out of a concrete wall!

IMG_5330An event is nothing without the guest, and their comfort is what event planners strive for.  Embrace summer and enjoy your next event outside! As always, contact us for help with your next event!