Costumes, Candy, and Pumpkins, Oh My!

Planning holiday themed parties are always a blast to create.  The theme, decorations, activities, food and music are so much more exciting than at any other party! Being that Halloween is quickly approaching it’s important to know the best tips so that you’re Halloween party is the best one your friends and family attend.

Theme & Decorations: In today’s  age Halloween parties are no longer restricted to the basic black and orange theme.  Now days you can change the theme up and make it that much more appealing for the attendees to look forward to.  You could encourage your friends/family to dress up in costumes in fun themes to add to the excitement! When it comes to decorations there are so many options to stick with the basics, follow your costume theme, or go the ghoul & goblin way.  Whichever route you choose be sure to attack it head on and make sure every aspect of decorations reflect the feel you are going for.

Activities & Music: Entertaining Halloween activities can always add a fun twist to your party! One can’t go wrong with the traditional bobbing for apples or costume contest. Playing games that involve an incentive to compete will bring the competition and laughs. For music, don’t forget to integrate an amazing playlist.  Choose songs from your favorite Halloween movie, or any of your favorite throwback songs that can be interpreted as Halloween hits.  Don’t be afraid to be cheesy when it comes to the tunes!

FoodBeing that your Halloween party is going to be so much fun and entertaining, it’s bound to make you guest work up an appetite! Of course setting out chips, candy, and quick appetizers is a good idea, but why not keep with the Halloween theme and add your theme to the food.  There’s a million and one ways to dress up your food to show your theme!

*If you keep in mind these tips for your next Halloween party will be the best one your family and friends attend this year! Reach out to us for more tips and tricks to keep your event current and start the planning process.

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