What’s In Your Conference Bag?

Conference bags are everywhere now days and at times known simply as a bag of “stuff”.  Don’t let your conference bag become mundane.  Spice it up and change it up to make your items more functional, appealing, and impressionable. Here are some tips KJS believes in:

  1. Start with an eye-catching/appealing bag: think stylish, fun colors, interesting fabrics, and appropriate sizes. Another trend of conference bags is using backpack style instead of the regular two handle bags. Whatever you do, Do Not leave the creativity behind because after all, nobody puts creativity in the corner!
  2. Make it personal: keep in mind the theme of the event, topic of the meeting, or the current season and add items that follow the theme to add a personal touch. All too many times effort isn’t given to the items AKA the “meat” of the conference bag. So, be sure to fill it with items someone might perceive as more valuable than just “stuff”.
  3. Presentation of the bags: when arranging your conference bags don’t just randomly scatter them around. Taking the time to organize the bags neatly will give off a sleeker look and show that you care about your items.  Also, when presenting the bag make sure you somehow add a personal touch while networking to leave a lasting imprint.

If you keep in mind these 3 simple tips you’ll find more of your conference bags full of you company’s promo items leaving the room with your guests and less bags in the trashcan on the way out.  We have faith in you! For thousands and thousands of promo item ideas visit our promo website: http://www.promoplace.com/107029/ or give us a call (314) 249-2454.

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