Pin it, Tweet it, Post it!

Social Media is all the rage now days.  People are posting pictures to their timeline, checking in at their location, and using hashtags to form a community.  The social media platform has grown tremendously, so why not figure out how to incorporate it into your event? At KJS Events we put a lot of emphasis on our social media platforms because we know the importance of reaching people. We’ll share with you some of our favorite social media tips!

Firstly, hashtags are very important to utilize.  You can create a hashtag specific for your event so that all of the posts and pictures will be in one place.  It’s a lot more enjoyable to click on one hashtag link to see all of the pictures rather than having to go multiple places. Kindly ask your guests to use one hashtag and they’ll be able to join the fun!

Secondly, don’t stray away from the Facebook event pages. These pages can be used to keep your invitees informed, create a way for guests to discuss the event, and it’s also a way for you to get an idea on how many guests to expect.

Lastly, having your guests check in at your party or corporate event will create more buzz. Creating buzz for your event will allow it to be talked about during and after its completion.  Being able to leave a lasting impression is always key!

If you keep our tips in mind regarding social media we guarantee you’ll see more success.  After all KJS Events knows the importance of “Delivering success one event at a time”.  Contact us today to start planning your next event, meeting, or for simply for event consulting.

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