Holiday Dinner Etiquette Tips

With the holiday season approaching formal dinners are likely to follow.  Having good professional etiquette can set you apart from others in a positive way.  Whether it be for a corporate holiday dinner or on a smaller scale of impressing the in-laws, we have some tips to improve your professional dining etiquette to prepare for the holiday season!

INTRODUCTIONS: Introductions are important because we all know how important first impressions can be.  When first meeting someone, introduce yourself with a firm handshake, proper eye contact, and a genuine smile.  If you have a drink and are right handed, hold it in your left hand to ensure your shaking hand is always available. When addressing someone use their title and last name. Use this tips and the beginning part of the dinner should go well!

DINING: While introductions are important, the time spent at the table eating is of much importance.  There isn’t anywhere to escape to once seated at your table, so keep in mind our tips in order to have a smooth flowing dinner.  Napkins go on the lap, wait to eat until everyone at the table is served, bring your utensil to your mouth and not your mouth to the plate, and try to eat at a consistent pace as the rest of the people sitting at your table. When it comes to the eating portion, always start with the utensils furthest out.  If passing food around the table always pass to the right and do not stop to take some out of the bowl as it is passing you. If someone asks for the salt, be sure to pass both the salt and pepper together for proper etiquette.  When finished eating place your utensils angling in from the right with the knife blade facing in towards you.

THE EXIT: After hopefully a successful dinner the end of the dinner is equally important. Leaving a lasting impression is so imperative! Wrap you conversations up by saying how great of a time you had, bring up something relatable from the evening and exchange business cards if necessary.

*If you keep all of these tips in mind your holiday formal dinners should go smooth.  Always keep in mind how important professional dining etiquette is and be sure to remember these tips to leave a great impression on anyone on a scale from colleagues to the notorious in-laws.

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