Tips for Throwing the Best Surprise Party!

SURPRISE-One simple word that can bring so much joy. Planning a surprise party for someone can be so fun. From the sneekingly preparation to the big reveal there’s tons of excitement that goes into throwing the best surprise party. Not everyone can throw a surprise party so following our tips will be sure to assist!

Choosing the best date: First make sure the surprise-ee is available. Then, find a dependable person to set up plans with your surprise-ee to distract them the day of the event. Once these two factors are figured out it’s time to make the reservation!Blog 9 Pic 2

Inviting: Whichever method you chose to invite the guest, make sure they are clear on the face that it is a surprise party.  Could you imagine all the hard work you’ve done gone to waste because one person ruined the surprise? Make.sure.your.guests.are.informed!

 Theme: Picking the theme should be centered on your surprise-ee.  Is it for a birthday, promotion, or someone from out of town visiting? Depending on the reason for the surprise you should be able to gather a few theme ideas.Blog 9 Pic 3

Day of the event: Make sure all details are worked out with the person who will be bringing the surprise-ee to the party.  Before your surprise-ee walks in for the grand reveal make sure everyone is tucked away in the best hiding places, the lights are off, and everyone is geared with confetti or silly string for the best surprise effect.

The Best Part: Everyone yells “SURPRISE”, your surprise-ee is, well, surprised, and the rest of the night is a blast! Now that everyone isn’t worrying about sneaking around anymore, kick back and enjoy!

If you’re weary about throwing the best surprise party give us a call—we’d love you help plan the best surprise party!