KJS Events Guide for Gift Giving

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s officially on to what we like to call “shopping season”! Being that today is Black Friday, we thought we’d give you our guide to gift giving for the holidays.  From a close friend or relative, to a random neighbor that shows up unexpectedly with a gift…we are here to help you avoid any awkward situations!Blog 10 Pic 1

  1. Make a list of their personal interests: think back to small clues someone may have mentioned over the year like “If I had ____, this would be a lot easier” or “Wouldn’t a ____ look really good right there?”.  Make a list over the year of these small hints people drop and add it to list of that person’s personal interests.  With this list in hand you’re on your way to giving a great gift!
  2. Add a personal touch: doing this will leave a memory in the person’s mind instead of just simply receiving a gift. Think about experiences you and this person have shared such as: a favorite restaurant, favorite music group, or even a long time joke.  This little glimpse of you when they open the gift will sure to bring a smile to their face. Blog 10 Pic 2
  3. The presentation: we compare the presentation of a present to a first impression.  Once it’s out there, it can’t be re-done! So, take the time to put in the effort and make your gift beautifully wrapped.  You could even keep in mind their personal interest when picking out the wrapping colors and textures.
  4. DIY: never be afraid to go for the DIY gifts if you’re on a budget.  These gifts always have much more meaning.  One thing you should keep in mind is the person you are giving to.  Your mother-in-law may be appreciative of your homemade monogram coasters, but you’re father in law…not so much!Blog 10 Pic 3
  5. Unplanned gift planning: everyone always has that unexpected neighbor, friend, or family member than you didn’t think was going to buy for you, but did! Don’t fret.  Simply stock up on gift cards, bottles of wine, or even your favorite hot chocolate recipe in a crafty mason jar. Always be prepared and everything will go smoothly!

Keeping these five tips in mind will be sure to help you for gift giving this holiday season. For more ideas you can shop our site for thousands of ideas HERE!