Manage Your Event More Efficiently

Managing check-in at an event can be an overwhelming task for event planners. Will attendees be able to find the check-in table? Will the line be long? Will the computers/tablets work? These are questions that run through our minds before an event, but with these easy tips from the experts, any event you have will run smoothly making your attendees experience a great one!

Get out from behind the table

Most check-in systems today run very similarly. They all consist of a person or people sitting behind a table searching for an attendee’s name through a computer.  Leverage new technology and get out from behind that table! With mobile check-in on phones and tablets, you are not confined to a set space. Move on to your guests quicker and keep them happy!

Solutions person

There is nothing worse then standing in line and being held up by a person who has thousands of questions. By having a solutions person, guests can easily get their questions answered in a separate line. This will allow your line to continue flowing!

Early bird check-in

Give your guests the option to check-in to the event at an earlier date allowing them to bypass the line upon arrival. The option to check- in on the event website or on an app on their mobile devices will keep your guests engaged while also giving you the opportunity to get a feel for how many guests will be in attendance.

Staff to guest ratio

How many staff members should you have at your event?  Usually, guests arrive at an event around the same time and then others trickle in as the night goes on. This understanding helps you gage the approach that is best for your event. On average having 1 staff member for every 50 attendees is a good target to have.


Too often the check-in process is the last thing an event planner worries about. It is very important that the check-in process goes as smoothly as possible. First check to see if your check-in table is in the ideal place with the correct amount of space for your guests to line up comfortably. The day before the event take time to set up and check the computers/tablets you are using for the event to make sure they are up and working properly. Lastly, check to see if your process is easy, efficient, and quick. Work out those kinks!