Holiday Dinner Etiquette Tips

With the holiday season approaching formal dinners are likely to follow.  Having good professional etiquette can set you apart from others in a positive way.  Whether it be for a corporate holiday dinner or on a smaller scale of impressing the in-laws, we have some tips to improve your professional dining etiquette to prepare for the holiday season!

INTRODUCTIONS: Introductions are important because we all know how important first impressions can be.  When first meeting someone, introduce yourself with a firm handshake, proper eye contact, and a genuine smile.  If you have a drink and are right handed, hold it in your left hand to ensure your shaking hand is always available. When addressing someone use their title and last name. Use this tips and the beginning part of the dinner should go well!

DINING: While introductions are important, the time spent at the table eating is of much importance.  There isn’t anywhere to escape to once seated at your table, so keep in mind our tips in order to have a smooth flowing dinner.  Napkins go on the lap, wait to eat until everyone at the table is served, bring your utensil to your mouth and not your mouth to the plate, and try to eat at a consistent pace as the rest of the people sitting at your table. When it comes to the eating portion, always start with the utensils furthest out.  If passing food around the table always pass to the right and do not stop to take some out of the bowl as it is passing you. If someone asks for the salt, be sure to pass both the salt and pepper together for proper etiquette.  When finished eating place your utensils angling in from the right with the knife blade facing in towards you.

THE EXIT: After hopefully a successful dinner the end of the dinner is equally important. Leaving a lasting impression is so imperative! Wrap you conversations up by saying how great of a time you had, bring up something relatable from the evening and exchange business cards if necessary.

*If you keep all of these tips in mind your holiday formal dinners should go smooth.  Always keep in mind how important professional dining etiquette is and be sure to remember these tips to leave a great impression on anyone on a scale from colleagues to the notorious in-laws.

For planning your next holiday dinner contact us today!

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Pin it, Tweet it, Post it!

Social Media is all the rage now days.  People are posting pictures to their timeline, checking in at their location, and using hashtags to form a community.  The social media platform has grown tremendously, so why not figure out how to incorporate it into your event? At KJS Events we put a lot of emphasis on our social media platforms because we know the importance of reaching people. We’ll share with you some of our favorite social media tips!

Firstly, hashtags are very important to utilize.  You can create a hashtag specific for your event so that all of the posts and pictures will be in one place.  It’s a lot more enjoyable to click on one hashtag link to see all of the pictures rather than having to go multiple places. Kindly ask your guests to use one hashtag and they’ll be able to join the fun!

Secondly, don’t stray away from the Facebook event pages. These pages can be used to keep your invitees informed, create a way for guests to discuss the event, and it’s also a way for you to get an idea on how many guests to expect.

Lastly, having your guests check in at your party or corporate event will create more buzz. Creating buzz for your event will allow it to be talked about during and after its completion.  Being able to leave a lasting impression is always key!

If you keep our tips in mind regarding social media we guarantee you’ll see more success.  After all KJS Events knows the importance of “Delivering success one event at a time”.  Contact us today to start planning your next event, meeting, or for simply for event consulting.

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What’s In Your Conference Bag?

Conference bags are everywhere now days and at times known simply as a bag of “stuff”.  Don’t let your conference bag become mundane.  Spice it up and change it up to make your items more functional, appealing, and impressionable. Here are some tips KJS believes in:

  1. Start with an eye-catching/appealing bag: think stylish, fun colors, interesting fabrics, and appropriate sizes. Another trend of conference bags is using backpack style instead of the regular two handle bags. Whatever you do, Do Not leave the creativity behind because after all, nobody puts creativity in the corner!
  2. Make it personal: keep in mind the theme of the event, topic of the meeting, or the current season and add items that follow the theme to add a personal touch. All too many times effort isn’t given to the items AKA the “meat” of the conference bag. So, be sure to fill it with items someone might perceive as more valuable than just “stuff”.
  3. Presentation of the bags: when arranging your conference bags don’t just randomly scatter them around. Taking the time to organize the bags neatly will give off a sleeker look and show that you care about your items.  Also, when presenting the bag make sure you somehow add a personal touch while networking to leave a lasting imprint.

If you keep in mind these 3 simple tips you’ll find more of your conference bags full of you company’s promo items leaving the room with your guests and less bags in the trashcan on the way out.  We have faith in you! For thousands and thousands of promo item ideas visit our promo website: or give us a call (314) 249-2454.

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10 Ways to Keep Your Event Relevant

It’s always important to stay up to date on new trends in the event world. Here are ten ways to incorporate an edge to your next occasion:

  1. Social Media: Facebook event pages and hashtags are now being used to connect the invitees and add a spark to the event!
  2. Tasting Stations: Crafty beers, wines, and cheese tasting stations are becoming all the rage. It adds a sophistication to the overall appeal.
  3. Food Trucks: A huge trend as of lately is to incorporate a food truck into your next event and leave your guests with a new memory.
  4. Photobooths: People love pictures. Add a homemade photo booth into your next event to really set off the excitement level.
  5. Event Consultation: In our busy society people are leaning towards event planners and consultation. It’s okay to ask for help!
  6. Pictures: Take lots of pictures…you’ll only regret the ones you didn’t take.
  7. Venues: Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to venues or meeting locations.
  8. Bold is Better: Bold colors and textures are appealing to the eye and can really change the overall feel of your party.
  9. Dessert Table: A whole table strictly decorated and setup for desserts? Need I say more?
  10. Details Matter: Detail. Detail. Detail. A HUGE component to allowing your event or meeting to flow properly is working out the details. Take the time and plan out the details earlier than later.

See something you’d like to incorporate into your next event? Contact us today to start planning!

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Costumes, Candy, and Pumpkins, Oh My!

Planning holiday themed parties are always a blast to create.  The theme, decorations, activities, food and music are so much more exciting than at any other party! Being that Halloween is quickly approaching it’s important to know the best tips so that you’re Halloween party is the best one your friends and family attend.

Theme & Decorations: In today’s  age Halloween parties are no longer restricted to the basic black and orange theme.  Now days you can change the theme up and make it that much more appealing for the attendees to look forward to.  You could encourage your friends/family to dress up in costumes in fun themes to add to the excitement! When it comes to decorations there are so many options to stick with the basics, follow your costume theme, or go the ghoul & goblin way.  Whichever route you choose be sure to attack it head on and make sure every aspect of decorations reflect the feel you are going for.

Activities & Music: Entertaining Halloween activities can always add a fun twist to your party! One can’t go wrong with the traditional bobbing for apples or costume contest. Playing games that involve an incentive to compete will bring the competition and laughs. For music, don’t forget to integrate an amazing playlist.  Choose songs from your favorite Halloween movie, or any of your favorite throwback songs that can be interpreted as Halloween hits.  Don’t be afraid to be cheesy when it comes to the tunes!

FoodBeing that your Halloween party is going to be so much fun and entertaining, it’s bound to make you guest work up an appetite! Of course setting out chips, candy, and quick appetizers is a good idea, but why not keep with the Halloween theme and add your theme to the food.  There’s a million and one ways to dress up your food to show your theme!

*If you keep in mind these tips for your next Halloween party will be the best one your family and friends attend this year! Reach out to us for more tips and tricks to keep your event current and start the planning process.

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